Applying For Medicaid Benefits Is A Complex Process

It Is A Good Idea to Put Our Experience In Your Corner

The cost of long-term care at a nursing home is expensive – $10,000 to $13,000 per month or more in Passaic, Bergen and Morris counties. At those rates, it does not take long for a lifetime of savings to be wiped out. Medicaid has specific guidelines that must be met in terms of income and asset ownership before a person can qualify for benefits. The application process requires you to submit a great deal of information.

If you are organized, and if you keep good records, you can submit an application for Medicaid benefits by yourself. The social worker at a nursing home may know a great deal about Medicaid and may be willing to assist you in preparing a Medicaid application for yourself, your spouse or your parent. However, a social worker is not likely to have enough information about recent changes in the Medicaid law to suggest how Medicaid regulations can offer significant opportunities to take advantage of exceptions in the Medicaid law that benefit the applicant and not the nursing home. You can't expect the social worker to advise you how to save money at the expense of his/her employer. Sometimes, nursing homes refer residents and their families to companies that submit Medicaid applications. These companies are not permitted to give legal advice where an attorney is not involved. In other words, the Medicaid applicant pays someone to prepare an application, but the preparer does not provide legal advice as to how best to take advantage of the Medicaid laws.

You are better off consulting with a qualified elder law attorney sooner rather than later. At the law office of Michael C. Rudolph, Esq., P.A., I can interpret and help you understand the law. If you wait, you may lose out on steps available to preserve your assets or your parents' assets.

Applications Are Reviewed Thoroughly

Applications for Medicaid nursing home benefits are carefully reviewed and require extensive documentation. You will be asked to provide five years of financial records for every account, open or closed, on which the Medicaid applicant's name appears, individually or with someone else. You will also be required to provide a written explanation of every transaction of $1,000 or more with backup documentation. This can be very daunting. If you have established trusts or used other estate planning strategies, such as transfers of assets to family members, the transfers will be viewed with skepticism and will be rejected if not done correctly.

My knowledge and extensive experience with both elder law and estate planning allows me to advocate on your behalf in support of your application. This process takes months. It requires extensive knowledge of Medicaid law and familiarity with the screening strategies that Medicaid officials employ.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

If you are like so many people who don't like filling out multiple-page forms and gathering the numerous pages of documents, and preparing the spreadsheets, all of which must accompany a Medicaid application, we will do it for you and put everything in a well-organized, indexed, loose leaf binder so it is easy for the Medicaid caseworker to review your application.

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