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An Advocate You Can Rely On

If you were to ask my clients what they like most about working with me, they would likely tell you it's the way I make them feel comfortable in the midst of dealing with complex and sometimes intimidating legal issues. They also appreciate the fact that I promptly return their phone calls and emails.

At the law office of Michael C. Rudolph, Esq., P.A., I have more than 53 years of experience as a lawyer. I know the law and take the time to make sure my clients understand what they need to know about the issues they bring to me.

Clients often have difficulty understanding why they are faced with a legal problem. That's because many areas of law are confusing, and also because, as good as our system of justice is, it isn't perfect. Although there may not be a remedy for every wrong, my clients can count on me to be there for them from start to finish and help them find the solution that best accommodates their needs. I talk straight and use language my clients understand.

Experience in a Variety of Legal Matters

I am fortunate in my years of practicing law to have handled a wide variety of cases. Now, I limit my practice to areas of law that I love and that I can be passionate about. Elder law, estate planning and real estate are three areas of law that are very personal to me. I learned a great deal from helping my family. My father lived past his 98th birthday; My mother-in-law was almost 95 when she died; and my mother is now looking toward her 102nd birthday. They were, and are, an important part of my life. It is no wonder that elder law and estate planning issues are very real and of deep concern to me and my family.

I help elder law clients and their families with Medicaid planning that allows them to protect their assets. When my clients qualify for Medicaid benefits, I can relieve them of the often daunting burden of filing and following through with a Medicaid application. I can even help with nursing home placements. My estate planning practice includes the preparation of wills and trusts. I explain to all of my clients the importance of general and medical powers of attorney and advance directives for health case (living wills). I also handle probate matters, and I work with clients on business transactions, real estate and guardianships.

Contact an Attorney

Contact my office today to schedule an initial consultation. I have a home office in Kinnelon and a satellite office in Riverdale for the convenience of my clients. Both offices are handicap accessible.

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